The Flame of Her Will

The Flame of Her Will is an erasure of the Malleus Maleficarum, a text long used to justify witch-hunts. The poems in this collection invert and subvert the original text, paring away the misogyny and hatred until what is left is a lost woman’s voice, challenging a history that requires her silence.

Now available from Milk and Cake Press!

Helen of Bikini

Forthcoming from Lily Poetry Review Press in March of 2023,

Helen of Bikini examines the way humans inhabit the world, both in beauty and in conflict. How do the twinned human forces of domestication and domination, rage and mediation, witness and culpability, destruction and nurturing, find their balances, not in an either/or, but in a melding? In an unapologetically feminist approach to these topics, Reeves explores the idea that “we are the only ones who name,” and goes about teaching us the “alphabet of our unmaking.”

This collection will appeal to readers with an ear for musical language, and those interested in atomic history, environmental issues, and feminism.



The Gardener and the Garden

Poems by Phoebe Reeves, selected by Ron Mohring as Number 4 in Volume 4 of our Editor’s Series.

Publication:  November 17, 2019 [100 copies]
25 pages
ISBN 978-1-949333-61-9
$ 9.00

With original cover art by Ursula Murray Husted, this print run also features end papers made from plantable seed paper, which can be gently removed. At the appropriate season for your garden, you can tear the end paper into small strips or pieces and plant them. We’d love to see photos of what grows for you.

Phoebe Reeves | The Gardener and the Garden

The Lobes and Petals of the Inanimate

The Lobes and Petals of the Inanimate by Phoebe Reeves

The Lobes and Petals of the Inanimate by Phoebe Reeves

Phoebe Reeves pays attention like a poet. That is, she pays attention to everything around her 24/7—dire and exuberant, non-sequitur and sublime, actual and imagined. Reading her, I get the sense that she can see through walls and probably also to the moon… I’ll have to ask her about that the next time I see her, but in the meantime I’ll just say this: these poems are sight-full and insightful, both hanging together and falling apart: “The tree’s fingers swell into red buttons…near a stained box/ of spaghetti thrown from a jeep liberty.//Half a pear with a wasp burrowing in it…” In other words, The Lobes and Petals of the Inanimate is churning with a perspicuous and precise vision, which is not only clear and accessible, but weirdly, beautifully disorienting and affecting.

—Matt Hart
editor of Forklift, Ohio

In this refreshing first collection, Phoebe Reeves’ poems are corporal, honest, and earthy. She is determined to dig beneath surfaces, revealing what’s been glossed over and hidden. This is a poet who relishes what thrives against the odds and who finds beauty in unexpected places, declaring, “I make no acquaintance with the magnolias/in this city– only the fists of apple blossoms/and their sour fruit staining sidewalks.”

Rebecca Morgan Frank, Editor-in-Chief, Memorious

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